Buchu unique South African medicinal herb

Buchu is a wonder herb grown mainly in Paarl and in Citrusdal. It is a member of the fynbos family in the Cape Floral Kingdom, a World Heritage Site.

It was first discovered by the KhoiSan tribe, the original inhabitants of the Cape, in the 1700s. They communicated to the Dutch settlers the plant’s health benefits of being a cure for all illnesses and ailments, that it is an antiseptic, and that it is the world’s first natural anti-inflammatory. It is known to reduce high levels of cholesterol and hypertension. It can reduce arthritic pain. It is low in tannins and is caffeine-free.

It can be drunk as a tea, or infused into brandy, gin, or vinegar. Essential oils from buchu plants are used in the production of perfumes and flavourings, as well as in skin care products.

Word of its health benefits spread internationally, and the Titanic is said to have sunk with 13 bales of Buchu on board.

Buchu tablets, oils, teas, and creams can be bought at local pharmacies, and Buchu Brandy, Buchu Gin, Buchu Tonic, and Buchu Limoncello can be found at liquor stores. Our Labotessa hosts will gladly direct guests to the best places to purchase Buchu products in Cape Town.

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