Castle of Good Hope oldest building in Cape Town


The Castle of Good Hope, located just 800 meters from Labotessa Hotel,  is the oldest existing colonial building in Cape Town, and a historical monument. Building work commenced on the five-star shaped stone fortress in 1666 and was completed in 1679. The five points of the Castle were named after the titles of Prince William II of Orange-Nassau: Leerdam, Buuren, Katzenellenbogen, Nassau, and Orange.

The fortress consisted of a bakery, a church, workshops, accommodation, shops, and prison cells. Over time building changes were made, the entrance location changed, and the De Kat Balcony rebuilt, designed by renowned sculptor Anton Anreith. It was the residence of the Governor of the Cape in the 19th century.

Tourists can view the firing of an old cannon at the Castle (10h00, 11h00, 12h00), as well as the Key Ceremony (10h00, 12h00), in which the Van Der Stel entrance of the Castle is unlocked by ceremonial guards. There are two museums in the Castle, the William Fehr Collection of early Cape paintings, furniture and ceramics, and the Castle Military Museum.

Entrance fee R50, children 5 – 16 years R25. Open Monday – Sunday 9h00 – 17h00.