Company’s Garden oldest park in Cape Town

The Company’s Garden is a green oasis in the centre of the city, enjoyed by locals and tourists. Labotessa Hotel guests love going there for a stroll or a run.

The Garden was developed by Governor Jan Van Riebeeck soon after his arrival in 1652, to provide Dutch ships passing around the Cape on their way to the East with fresh fruit and vegetables. The oldest original tree still standing in the garden is a Saffron Pear, propped up on steel supports. There is a herb garden and rose gardens too.

Not only does the Company’s Garden offer relaxed seating or strolling through the park, but one can feed the pigeons, squirrels, Egyptian geese, and herons, and visit the aviary with different bird species. There are fountains, fish ponds, and walkways. There are a number of statues too, of Queen Victoria, Jan Smuts, Cecil John Rhodes, and Sir George Grey.

It is home to the South African Museum, the Cape Town Holocaust Centre, the National Gallery, the Delville Wood Memorial, and the Artillery Memorial.

Entrance is free. The Company’s Garden is open daily, closing at 16h30 in winter.


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