Devil’s Peak creates the Table Cloth


Devil’s Peak is a lesser known mountain in Cape Town, to the left of Table Mountain when facing it. It is 1000 meters in height.

It was previously called Duivels Kop, related to a tale about Jan van Hunks, a pipe smoker who lived at the foot of the mountain around 1700. He met a fellow smoker, said to be the devil, and they had a contest as to who could make the most smoke with their pipes, Van Hunks winning, their smoke covering the mountain in what is now known as the Table Cloth when the South-Easter blows.

On the slope of the mountain is Rhodes Memorial, Mostert’s Mill,  and the University of Cape Town, all damaged in a devastating fire in 2021. A number of historic military blockhouses are situated on the mountain.

The mountain receives fewer walkers than do Table Mountain and Lion’s Head.  Hiking in wind and mist is dangerous, and the descent on the Southern Suburbs side is said to be dangerous. The following are hiking options:

#  Rhodes Memorial to the King’s Blockhouse

#   Tafelberg Road to the Saddle

#   Up Newlands Ravine from Newlands Forest to the Saddle

#   Contour path from Mowbray Ridge.

The North slope is covered in Fynbos, while the South slope has indigenous forests, including Silver trees. Eland, wildebeest and zebras can be seen on the lower slopes of the mountain.


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