Historic Muslim Kramats in the Cape

The Circle of Kramats is a shrine to Muslim holy men, who are buried in Cape Town. Legend has it that the circle protects Cape Town from earthquakes and natural disasters. There are 20 Kramats making up the circle in Cape Town, with another four in Faure, Rawsonville, Caledon, and Bain’s Kloof.

The oldest Kramats are those of Sheikh Abdurahman Matebe Shah and Sayed Mahmoud, at the entrance to Klein Constantia and in Constantia, respectively. The Lion’s Head/Signal Hill Kramat is one of the easiest to get to. The Kramat of Tuan Guru is in the Muslim cemetry in Bo-Kaap, as is the Kramat of Tuan Sayed Alawie. Other Kramats are at Oudekraal, Macassar, and on Robben Island.

When visiting a Kramat one must remove one’s shoes, and not lean or sit on the graves. One should not speak loudly.

Our Labotessa hosts can provide directions to the Kramats to our guests.


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