The Roundhouse oldest building in Camps Bay

The Roundhouse in Camps Bay is both an historic building and national monument, built in the Regency style in 1786, but also is a restaurant, in which Top 10 restaurant Salsify at The Roundhouse operates. It is the oldest building n Camps Bay.

The historic building has had many uses, originally built as a circular fort during the rule of the Dutch East India Company, keeping watch out for enemy ships. It became the hunting lodge of Lord Charles Somerset, during British rule of the Cape, as well as a guest house. Over time it has been used as a tea room, a dancehall, a number of restaurants, a backpacker’s lodge, a wedding venue, a theatre and events venue, and a boutique hotel.

The Roundhouse is located on the slope of Lion’s Head with lovely views over Camps Bay, the Twelve Apostles, and the Atlantic Ocean. Our Labotessa hosts will provide directions to guests of how to get to The Roundhouse.


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