Labotessa immersed in early culture and heritage

Labotessa Luxury Boutique Hotel is located on Church Square, on the corner of Parliament and Spin Streets, close to the Houses of Parliament, the Groote Kerk, the Slave Lodge, and the Company’s Garden.

The building which houses Labotessa is one of the oldest on Church Square, and was built in 1677. The historic building is nestled amongst trees and an intimate garden, creating a park-like green experience within the heart of the city.

Church Square is named after the Groote Kerk, which is our country’s oldest place of Christian worship, first built in 1678 and then rebuilt in 1841, it retaining the original tower of the church.

The statue of Onze Jan Hofmeyr faces the Groote Kerk. He was a journalist, and then active as a politician. He proudly protected the Dutch and then the Afrikaans language during the British rule of the Cape.

Church Square is a heritage site. It is surrounded by architecturally impressive buildings and is a quiet spot in our bustling city. The Square houses the Cape Town Memorial to the Enslaved, which was unveiled in 2008. Eleven black granite blocks are engraved with the names of slaves and words from the slave era. Slaves were imported by the Dutch East India Company from 1685 onwards, mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia, and were employed in the Company’s Garden, in private homes, and on farms.

Labotessa Luxury Boutique Hotel…….’like no other in Cape Town’.

Labotessa Luxury Boutique Hotel, 5 Church Square, Parliament Street. Tel (021) 010-6600