The Bushmen or San tribe was the first to inhabit Southern Africa. The !Khwa Ttu San Culture and Education Centre and heritage museum documents the origin and life of the tribe and employs staff descended from the San.

Three buildings represent the 100000 year old culture of the San people, beautifully and creatively presented. Exhibitions include tracing the origins of the San, their life as hunter-gatherers, their accommodation, their jewellery, their foraging for food and water, their music, their language, and their art work visible in caves.

The Khwa Ttu centre was established by Swiss anthropologist Irene Staehelin. She bought an 850 ha wheat farm for the Centre, which opened 16 years ago. Wildlife was also introduced to the property.

!Khwa Ttu is located on the R27 West Coast Road and is open daily. One can explore the Centre buildings oneself, or with guides. A good quality restaurant is available for visitors.


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