September is wild flower month

September is the prime time for seeing wild flowers in the Cape.

These are some of the options of where to see the flowers near Cape Town:

#  Postberg in the West Coast National Park, about an hour and a half from Cape Town, on the R27. Daisies, vygies, magriets, and sporries are the most common flowers to be seen. It is also known for its bird life. Hiking trails allow one to leave one’s car. Entrance: locals R100, tourists R220.

#  Ramskop Nature Reserve in the Cederberg, about two and half hours from Cape Town. Daisies, sporries, sugarbos, and proteas can be seen. Entrance: R33

#   The Renosterveld Reserve outside Darling, about an hour from Cape Town. Best known for its renosterbos, bellendini, kapokbos, and vygies. Entry: free

#   Citrusdal, on the N7, about two hours from Cape Town. Daisies, fynbos, maartblom, and bloedblom can be seen. Entry: Free

#   Tienie Versfeld Wildflower Reserve, outside Darling on the R315, just over an hour from Cape Town. Butterfly lilies, chincherinchees, bulbs, and lachenalia can be seen. Entry: free

#   Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town, dedicated to indigenous flora. Expect to see daisies, fynbos, pincushion proteas, and much more. Entry: R90 locals, R 210 tourists.

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