St George’s Cathedral oldest in Cape Town


The Sir Herbert Baker designed and heritage site St George’s Cathedral was inaugurated 121 years ago, an expansion of the church first used in 1834. The Anglican congregation attended services in the Castle of Good Hope as well as in the Groote Kerk before its original church building was completed. It is a mere 300 meters from Labotessa.

The Cathedral has played an important role in the history of our country, and is regarded as being a symbol of democracy in South Africa. Its former Archbishop, the late Desmond Tutu, received the Nobel Peace Prize when he preached against apartheid from the pulpit, led marches, and called on the world to apply sanctions against our country. It became the meeting point for activists fighting for equality and human rights.  Tutu passed away earlier this year and his remains are interred in front of the high altar.

Three stained glass windows attract attention in the Cathedral: one of a black Christ, one which includes Mahatma Gandhi, and another which is dedicated to the late Earl Mountbatten.

A labyrinth is located in the courtyard of St George’s Cathedral, and is open to all to walk.


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