In a world focused on sustainability, it is no surprise that a once ‘trend’ has transformed the eating habits of millions of people.

Cape Town, a city that consistently tops the scale of trends, is fully immersed in the plant-based movement, offering visitors and locals alike an array of vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

From quirky city centre gems to fine-dining institutions, plant-based eaters can be assured that the Mother City, is the perfect watering hole for you. Navigate your way through these delightful dining eateries with five of the must-visit vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the Cape!


The vibrancy of Sea Point’s regent Road, echoes through the Cape Town city entre as there are a multitude of eateries to choose for a bite to eat. It is therefore a real feat when a restaurant is truly authentic, unique and surpasses the eclectic energy of the street.

To achieve staying power, an eatery must be dedicated, and demonstrate precision in the choice and display of their menu, many fail, but  chef Seelan Sundoo – the man behind such restaurants as La Perla, the Grand Beach, Shimmy Beach Club and the Reserve Brasserie – has achieved this in the form of an authentic Durban and South-Indian restaurant, Sundoo.

Sundoo is the ideal place to soak up the authentically local vibes, with a Durban style Bunny Chow and vibrant music. This divine dining experience is casual, yet intimate and focuses on the intense flavour combinations that you would find in Durban. Enrobed in tradition, the team makes all their dishes with the freshest ingredients and from scratch. This homemade tradition allows you to explore a range of vegan and vegetarian dishes within these eclectic doors.

Addis in Cape

An African experience in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD, Addis in Cape offers us a taste of Ethiopia in all its glory. A colourful dining experience lies at the core of this Long Street gem, with shared meals which are – by tradition – eaten by hand. This authentic Ethiopian restaurant is the ideal spot in the city centre to gather with friends and family and indulge in a truly African meal.

Addis in Cape transports you to Ethiopia, through beautifully woven basket-like tables called Mesob’s and traditional Ethiopian music, complementing the aromas that waft from the open-plan kitchen. While the decor is simple, it infuses Africa’s pulsating energy in each aesthetic choice – the wooden beams, floorboards chairs, tables and exposed brick invite you to experience the African story.

Your meal is flavourful and vibrant, with an assortment of vegetables served on a sourdough base, called injera, which is a staple grain, called Teff, and is fat and gluten-free. While you are there, you must try the coffee – it is a core part of the Ethiopian culinary culture!

Scheckter’s Raw

Scheckter’s Raw is a local hotspot based in Sea Point, where both vegans and non-vegans engage in business and pleasure over delicious cruelty-free meals. From the Beyond Meat Burger to quinoa-based flapjacks, juices and sandwiches, the perfect flavour combination awaits you.

The owner, Toby Scheckter, created this iconic Cape Town brand with the spirit of giving and sharing in mind. The entire eatery is uncompromisingly beautiful with exceptional food and service. Each dish is creatively curated to achieve culinary perfection but while also adding nutritional value to your day.

A must-try dish to order when visiting this vegan eatery is the Organic Matcha Flapjacks that are high in protein and topped with strawberries, banana and whipped coconut cream. For a genuinely organic, vegan experience replace the honey with organic agave nectar. A lunch-time gem is the Curry wrap that is also high in protein and not spicy at all, despite its ‘curry’ naming.

If you are in the mood for a smoothie, Scheckter’s Raw offers raw, organic superfood smoothies, which are divine! The down-to-earth eatery is an authentic representation of the city’s vibrant organic influence and enhances your relationship with food in the most natural manner.

Lekker Vegan

Vegan junk food is a revolutionary addition to the Cape Town culinary industry and a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike. Lekker Vegan is a gourmet plant-based eatery in the Mother City that has enticed both carnivores and herbivores to indulge in delicious, crispy, junk food.

Owned by a Dutch family, who successfully ran a vegan eatery in Amsterdam, the idea around cruelty-free junk food was cultivated. Lekker Vegan demonstrates the power of plant-based innovation and has subtly merged the divide between vegan and non-vegan eaters, with up top 80% of patrons being non-vegan (estimated by the owners.)

The ‘meat’ products served on burgers, toasties and panini-style toasted buns, are all 100% cruelty-free and made from soy and wheat protein with no GMO’s. The lunch options include Bunini Toasties that overflow from sustainably sourced vegan goodness, while the lunch wrap combines deep-fried crispy, potato and onion balls, smothered in delicious sauces with a salad on the side – also available in a gluten-free option.

While you are there, you should order an assortment of their desserts, which include chocolate cheesecakes, coconut-based soft-serve ice-cream and more.

Honest Chocolate Café

Within the walls of Honest Chocolate lies a cosy indoor seating area and a hidden courtyard – which forms part of the original building that has survived through the decades – a place where savouring the finest organic cacao is only the beginning of an extraordinary dark chocolate experience.

Each dish is curated with preservative-free ingredients that have no artificial flavours or emulsifiers and are completely guilt-free as there are no dairy or cane sugars added.

Honest Chocolate focuses on locally sourced ingredients to support local, small-scale food producers. Ensure you try the Banana Bread Bunny Chow, which filled with chocolate, ice cream and spiced nuts on the side. Another delicious dish is the Nachos and Chocolate Guacamole dish.

The Nachos and Chocolate Guacamole is filled with a rich and creamy chocolate guacamole which can be substituted with a chocolate spread of your choice and comes with chilli on the side.

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