The SA Museum exhibits historic fossils, insects and tools

The SA Museum dates back to 1825, and moved into its current building in 1897. It is located in The Company’s Garden, a short 900 meter walk from Labotessa Hotel, and was founded by Lord Charles Somerset.

The National Museum of South Africa houses more than 1,5 million items of scientific importance, including 700 million year old fossils, ancient insects, and historical tools made 120000 years ago.

Important African zoology, palaeontology and archeology collections can be viewed at the museum. Its displays reflect how one’s ancestors lived, how humans and animals evolved, and the relationship between animals and humans and their environment.

The history of the Bushmen, a collective name of the San and Khoi indigenous tribes, has been researched intensively, and is on display at the museum with their rock art and paintings. Other displays include the Whale Well, Karoo fossils, Sharkworld, the Planetarium, and South African mammals, birds and wonders of nature.


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