Two oceans aquarium

Visit the Two Oceans Aquarium in the Waterfront

Visitors will encounter an array of marine life found on the Cape coastline at the Two Oceans Aquarium in the Waterfront, including sharks, an octopus, stingrays, jelly fish, kelp forests, turtles, starfishes, seahorses, a multitude of fish varieties (including the Longhorn cowfish, Spider crabs, West Coast rock lobsters, eels, and Western clownfish) and penguins.

One can observe some of the ocean animals being fed: sharks on Saturdays at 12h00, penguins daily at 11h30 and 14h30, and fish on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12h00. A Behind-the-Scenes guided tour takes visitors into staff-only areas of the Aquarium, educating one as to the work the staff does in caring for and about the ocean life in the Aquarium. The Tours take place at 10h00 and 13h00 daily.

The Aquarium is extending its operating hours from 9h00 – 19h00, from 26 December – 6 January.


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