Nestled in the vibrant city centre of Cape Town and the historic area surrounding Church Square, LABOTESSA immerses itself in both the traditional and historic elements of the area. The small, yet significant area of Church Square lies on the corner of Parliament and Spin streets, just south-west of St George’s Cathedral and the Slave Lodge. The square is surrounded by architecturally impressive buildings and provides a surprisingly quiet space in the heart of Cape Town.

On the square is Groote Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church), which has stood there since 1704. The site was initially an abandoned garden plot at the bottom end of the Company Gardens. Although housed in The National Mutual Building, the Social History Centre is also on the Church Square, overlooking the statue of Oom Jan – the parliamentarian Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr who fought for the rights of Dutch as a language equal to English).

While the historical aspects of the square are prominent and visible, significant features are scattered – invisabliy – around the area. The square was once a slave market connected to the Slave Lodge (built in 1679), which lies just west of the square and is a very important part of the Cape’s history.

A spinning factory used to lie on Church Square’s eastern boundary, and a slave tree once stood in the square, a place for slaves to wait whilst their owners went to church. The tree was removed in 1916 but the space remains commemorated.

Eleven granite blocks were erected as a memorial to the enslaved. Two are raised on a plinth to the south west of the square close to the Slave Lodge, whilst the other nine are grouped together in a grid near the Slave Tree plaque. Their sides are engraved with the names of former slaves – previously forgotten names, now remembered by all who walk by.

Immersed in the history that surrounds us, LABOTESSA’S design inspiration and atmosphere is deeply connected to its roots, which date back to the 1700s. Intimately focused on a grandeur atmosphere, the entrance of the building invites guests to experience a luxurious space that complements its history but creates a desired, exclusive and one-of-a-kind encounter. Amid the historical aspects of the square, LABOTESSA – which opens on 12 August 2019 – offers guests the chance to stay in either the Signature Suite or the Governor Suite.

The Signature suites are a spacious 65sqm | 700 sq ft that boasts high ceilings, French oak flooring and with great emphasis on the detailed, handcrafted classic finishing. Keeping the traditional elements alive through the design, LABOTESSA also focuses on modern functionality. Modern technology and equipment are integrated within each room.  The Presidential Suite – or the penthouse – is named after Simon Van der Stel, the first Governor of the Cape. This 300sqm | 3229 sq ft suite spans over two floors and boasts breath taking views of Church Square, Signal Hill and the incomparable Table Mountain.

All rooms including the penthouse are specifically designed by the owners of LABOTESSA which ensures every design element within the hotel illuminates its excellence. Church Square remains a South African historical site and contains with it centuries of memories and historical anecdotes. LABOTESSA is proud to be in the Square and looks forward to contribute to its history while giving it a new, vibrant energy and paying homage to the inhabitants from centuries before.

LABOTESSA will open on 12 August 2019 – ensure you make your booking to experience this grand opening in Cape Town.