The Mother City

In rhythm with the pulse of the city, Labotessa’s location is perfectly appointed to Cape Town’s playground.

our unique location

With the lush, bountiful walkways of the Company’s Garden being a hop, skip and a jump away from Church Square, the old cathedrals and symbolic churches, the plethora of cultural excursions and insights, historical museums and galleries on every corner, the heritage of the architectural exhibits ~ the mise-en-scène to the mountain ~ Labotessa harnesses its roots in a very distinguished part of the Mother City. Where you and your travelling companions are at liberty to pivot from the pulse of the city and go out, seek and discover all that this magnificent place has to offer. A compendium of Cape Town’s characteristics to explore.


The heart and soul of the Cape

Cape Town is a city with something for everyone. The long, winding roads of the Cape’s Peninsula and the quaint coastal hamlets along the way. The beautiful beaches, the abounding nature trails. The street art, the literature, the market places, the local artisanal craft, the designer boutiques. The culinary culture that takes the cake on international award-winning lists. And then we have the grape, her vintage and the terrain around her vines. The Western Cape’s winelands has long been revered as one of the most scenically spectacular destinations in the World to venture to.

Whatever your motive of travel, your inherent desires to discover, to taste, to sample, to source, to create, to cultivate, to design, to dance and to celebrate all that this city has to offer, we’re more than happy to help you navigate your way around the Cape. Depending on how tightly stitched your itineraries are, you can venture out onto the roads one day at a time, cruising to your hearts’ and clocks’ content.


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