It’s been a season to remember and a stern reminder of how Cape Town loves to keep us on our toes. The changing moods of the Mother City that keeps the pulse raising. Just when we thought we were in for the brighter, warmer days of spring, along came the rain again. Gushing down the gutters, forming little street-side streams, as the fireplaces were lit once more. Winter went on and on like a persistent pest, swarming the lunch tables we’d eagerly gathered around, ready for some al fresco feasting. But with the rain being relentless, so came the opportunity to continue to indulge in many of the finer things the Cape so generously dishes up.

We tapped into the effervescent art and cultural scenes that tucked themselves away from the cold. Warming the cockles of our hearts with inspiration. Riveting exhibits at the Everard Read Gallery from the likes of Warren Maroon, depicting the sentiment, “Well, there goes that dream”. Make sure you take a trip to their gallery on Portswood Road to view some of the beautiful upcoming installation, photographic, ceramic and painting exhibits this month.

We dined at some wonderful spots that made us feel like we were in the warmer climes of California. Hacienda on Bree Street is a fabulous eatery serving spicy mezcal margaritas alongside some seriously good tacos.

As soon as the sun came out at the weekends, we headed to the Oranjezicht city farm market for a slow amble along the authentic, rustic market aisles, sourcing some of the freshest, tastiest, most exotic ingredients, and crafts, all the while people watching and harbour gazing. Even when it was a little windy and rather damp, the vibes kept our spirits high and bubbles flowing.

For those fleeting moments of clear skies and crisp mountain air, we took to the nature trails, meandering the craggy cliff paths. There’s nothing like a walk amidst the fynbos vegetation, pungent with its early spring scents, displaying a myriad of colours against the green of the landscape. Overlooking the wild ocean with the whales spouting out to sea. Invigorating and revitalising as we’re reminded once again, just how magnificent the Mother City looks, whatever the weather.

With the arrival of the swallows, the wildflowers in all of their colours, the sun’s rays gently announcing its embrace on our shoulders, we know that October is here. We’ve not only survived the winter, but thrived amidst it too. For Cape Town has lived up to her reputation, of ensuring our cups continue to overflow. And we love that we get to share it all with the wonderful people that walk through our Labotessa doors, in the heart of all of its happenings

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