As we round up the year that’s been full of surprises, special encounters and momentous milestones achieved, we’d like to send a message of gratitude, to all of our loyal Labotessa friends, followers, patrons and partners. Those that have continued to support us, gracing our hallways, our suites, our Café & Terrace and our Fragrance Boutique with your luminous spirits. Bringing life to the tranquil corner of the cobbled square. You are the essence of the energy that permeates Labotessa’s spaces.

2023 has brought so many new extraordinary things our way, that we’ve etched into our hospitality belts. We’re immensely proud to have been named Africa’s Leading Design Hotel & South Africa’s Leading Design Hotel 2023 in the 30th annual World Travel Awards. The gestures of recognition do reaffirm what we love to do best. Our other accolades of esteemed platforms are honourably held with appreciation, inspiring us to continue to introduce our guests to the Cape Town we all love to meet. It is, after all, the magnificent Mother City that so generously shares her abounding attributes with us, that makes the most impactful impression.

At Labotessa, though the year will be closing its doors on a particular date, our doors remain open to all of the new guests that we get to welcome, and the new experiences we have the pleasure of furnishing them with. Cape Town is abuzz with all of the festive happenings. Christmas markets are jingle-jangling around the clock, theatres and concert halls are alive with music and carol singers, restaurants and bars are brimming with locals and visitors. It’s that time of year when the eclectic blend of people is as beautifully bright and buoyant as a well-decorated Christmas tree. The mountain’s nature trails are teeming with hikers and their furry friends, lapping up the fresh air and unbeatable views. The beaches are a vision of summer fun in the sun. It’s a wonderful place to be, at a particularly wonderful time of year.

We can never be certain about what a new year holds for us, but our intentions are always met with our actions. We embark on this journey into January, with our eager hospitality hearts open to all of the adventures that lie ahead. As it is with every other year, we’re humbled by our learnings, honoured by your support and head over heels ready for all that 2024 will bring.

Wishing you and those closest to you, a spectacular festive season ahead.

With love, from Labotessa

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