Sometimes it’s necessary to resort to those childlike ways of entertainment, that tickle the joy of our holiday hearts and tend to our inquisitive minds that often need nurturing. When we explore new cities or revisit those that harbour fond memories of our previous experiences, it’s good to look at each adventure through the lens of those that are walking the intrepid paths for the first time. To dive deep into the culture, to trail the lesser-beaten tracks and to foster curiosity on all counts. Especially when the weather challenges any outdoor attire, and beckons us indoors to rekindle all of the fun that can be had with our travelling companions. From quiz nights to classic films at the cinema, book launches in libraries to turtle watching in aquariums, ten pin bowling to ice skating…whatever reminds you of the virtue in adventure, escorting you on a riveting journey around a new, yet seemingly familiar place. 

Cape Town never fails to impress on the entertainment agenda, whatever the season. For those indoor excursions when you fancy a quiet, pacifying escape from the jovial streets, there’s some mesmerising music to listen to at the concert halls. Or age-old classics to watch at the cinemas. Beautiful bookstores to relax in and listen to authors share their insight into literature. Amazing theatres to witness comedy, drama, opera and dance being performed on historical stages. Then there’s also those indoor spots where competitions can be held with your travelling team. Who wins the holiday trophy this time around? Best drummer, dancer, bowler or skater selects their worthy title and decides where you’ll all be dining next. That is, after all, where the magic in an adventure lies, within our youthful hearts that resort to those childlike ways of existence.

Here is our selection of the wonderful indoor adventures you can enjoy in Cape Town – as a group or as individuals – that offer both exhilarating and calming activities. Just a swift, scenic walk or drive away from Labotessa

For a tranquil excursion…

  • The Book Lounge on Roeland Street – A lovely bookstore that houses a number of local and international authors on its shelves. On the occasional Thursday of every month, notable authors discuss their latest publications and offer book signing. An easy amble from the hotel. 
  • Two Oceans Aquarium – Discover the world that exists under the sea. An informative and truly tranquil experience to learn all about the ocean, its wildlife and the conservation efforts made to protect all aquatic species. At the V&A Waterfront…a ten-minute drive from the hotel.
  • The Labia Theatre in the City Bowl District of Cape Town, located a 10-minute walk from Labotessa’s doors. Viewing some of the greatest classics of all time when it comes to film, as well as the necessary current blockbusters. When it’s time to put your feet up and snack on some popcorn, head to the oldest independent movie theatre in town.
  • The Baxter Theatre – Situated below Cape Town’s University – a 10-minute drive from Labotessa, located on Main Road in Rondebosch – this theatre is steeped in history. A stage that hosts drama, dance, music and comedy performances, in all their diversity.
  • Artscape Theatre Centre – Visit the revered concert hall for some local and international opera, ballet, popular musicals, comedy and nativity shows on four grand stages.
  • Kalk Bay Theatre – Less than a 30-minute drive from the hotel, settled along the main road of Kalk Bay. A lovely spot where locals gather for some cabaret, comedy and musicals, all performed in an old white church.
  • The Masque Theatre in the heart of Muizenberg, Cape Town, where the essence of community spirit is at its best. A non-profit organisation, this establishment ensures that theatre is accessible for everyone, embracing a diverse array of productions, covering all genres.

For a bit of fun competition and entertainment…

  • Ten Pin Bowling Grand West – Disco-inspired alleys with snacks and beverages served. A great way to start the holiday competitions.
  • Djembe 4 All – Why not tap into that rhythm that’s beating beneath the surface. Learn all about how to bang the drums to a West African beat on Long Street, in Cape Town’s CBD. An authentic drumming experience.
  • The Ice Station at Grand West Arena & Entertainment World – For those that love to glide along the ice, perfecting some figure skating spins. All levels of ice skaters can enjoy this activity for an hour or two.

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